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  1. Hey guys,


    So I've been apart of a non-profit organization for people who have been involved in motorcycle accidents. We opened a new chapter which my wife is the treasurer of and I've been on the search for either of the following:

    1. Windows program to run on her laptop that allows database of members and exportable to excel format


    2. PHP or perl script that I can install on the website to allow all board directors to access and view clients info


    Anyone come across anything like that or might know a forums that has freelancer script writers?

  2. On 10/18/2017 at 9:07 PM, 98SE said:

    LOL. Cheers! :thumbup

    Relating to XP 32-bit, Which DJ program are you using?  More importantly what is the computer Motherboard Chipset?

    I remember the MAYA44 was quite popular in the old days what sound card are you using for it?

    I've gone back and forth between virtualdj and serato and will probably stick with serato. I just scored a hp omen $1400 laptop for $400 bucks. Some guy was hard up for cash on facebook marketplace so I took advantage. 

  3. hahahaha, Nice to see the comedy still at MSFN.  Yes I once was one of xper minions and worked hard and long hours for a good man at a great forums. 


    Anyways, Iv'e decided to order a WD Black 1tb SATA 6 Gb/s 32MB Cache hard drive and reinstall starting with an older version of windows as "98SE" had suggested. I need no bloat and fastest platform for my DJing side until I'm able to grab a apple laptop for DJing. Ill install win 10 for my second boot. Ive been so out of the windows loop in the last 5-6 years with starting my other company. I appreciate everyones feedback as always.

  4. So I've seen many articles and post here about dual booting but I haven't been able to find anything related to dual booting win 10 with win 10. I should buy a separate laptop as I DJ on the side but instead I'm trying to run my DJ software on a clean version so I don't run into any glitches but still need my editing software for videos, graphics and music. Anyone know if they play nice with one another?

  5. I dont think so really, even though everyone and their dog uses Facebook, it's pretty useless in the greater scheme of things.

    Dude if your dog is on facebook you need to get him on "America's/Britain's got talent".

    In all seriousness besides family, my dog and my glock I have no friends either. I spend my days off from work tweaking and hackerin (is that still a ileet word to say?) and sit in front of my computer or xbox. I'm 36 and a grand father. How pathetic do I sound!

  6. If anyone is interested in flashing the new ported rom I would highly suggest using either:

    RaverX3X Rom http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1531189


    Racing19969 Rom http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1570012

    Ive only flashed Racing19969 Rom and here are my steps and bugs found so far:


    [1] Made TB of all apps

    [2] Rebooted in CWR

    [3] Nandroid backup

    [4] Wipe Data Factory reset

    [5] Wipe Dalvik Cache

    [6] Flashed samsung_ultimate_kernel_cleaning_script_by_lippol9 4


    [7] Flashed DarkSide Super Wipe


    [8] Flashed Rom

    [9] Reboot Phone

    [10] Let sit about 10 minutes after reboot was fully done

    [11] Rebooted again so data started to work (takes second reboot)

    [12] Once 2nd reboot was done I gave it another 5 minutes before I messed with it.

    Bugs or non-bugs:

    [1] Camera worked perfect

    [2] Google play worked perfect, downloaded on data and wifi and had no issues.

    [3] Skype went crazy. I installed new beta but after it auto updated with the dragon add-on it went postal, caused messaging to stop functioning and ultimately I just started over with flashing

    [4] Superuser had and gave root access to all apps, I did not have to reflash. On initial setup i just opened su, went to preference, su binary and clicked update anyways making sure I clicked "allow".

    [5] I was able to change wallpaper from gallery on screen and lockscreen with no issues as reported by others.

    [6] I did have echo from caller point of view, wife helped, speaker on had no issues. I was not able to try the fix as posted above.

    [7] tethering worked perfect

    [8] I had no delay on dialer or phonebook

    [9] Apex launcher worked awesome

    [10] I had no issues removing att crap with TB, it uninstalled fine

    Hope that helps some. My install steps are very excessive but I have done those steps on all roms and never had any issues.

  7. i believe you used to play bf2 alot with fthrjack? were you the guy whos a** i used to destroy in the jets :D

    wow dude I think I am the guy back then in bf2. Do you still talk to fthrjack? I've tried to get in touch with him years ago but never could.

  8. bookie32 - As a OG of MSFN I agree with your outlook and have seen many ups and down's. It is difficult sometimes especially when you see the same thing ask over and over.

    To others: There are many people who have never used a forum and have a hard time navigating them so finding FAQ's are sometimes difficult. I just try to "treat others as I would want to be treated".

  9. Actually this site provides advice on anything you want it to? Have a girlfriend problem? Want to know how to cheat? What stocks to buy? Thinking of getting drunk and need to know what type of alcohol? Not happy with your toilet paper? Underwear to tight? Need advice on condoms?

    .....You name it and there isn't ANYTHING this board won't give you their advice on HOWEVER MSFN primarily is used for computer/tech/hardware/software issues/problems/suggestions...and questions, so ask away and watch the magic appear before your eyes.

  10. For some of you who are young you won't know how bad so many things you eat are until you get a little older. I'm only 34 but have been on a hard diet for the last 5 weeks and if you stopped to actually look at the calories and how many you are suppose to have each day.....well that sandwich probably provided 3/4 of your daily intake.

    Ah, its a good diet food then! You eat one of those, maybe something else and then some water. You'll lose weight real quick. No cheating!

    Yeah can I get a super sized double quarter pounder, large frie, a chocolate sundae and oh yeah make sure I get diet coke, I'm on a diet. lol

  11. For some of you who are young you won't know how bad so many things you eat are until you get a little older. I'm only 34 but have been on a hard diet for the last 5 weeks and if you stopped to actually look at the calories and how many you are suppose to have each day.....well that sandwich probably provided 3/4 of your daily intake.

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