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  1. Then why are we discussing this, really? If someone wants all the features of AR, then feel free to use the official AR. You asked for a Corporate version, and here it is. Personally, I don't plan to add back anything or change any registry keys so easily.

    My plans for now is to finish all the transforms so in the future in would be much easier to update all the languages.

    Hi XhmikosR, please don't take it in a wrong way ;)

    We are just discussing this because you stated in a previous post that PDF tab works fine in your english corporate version but I found this is not correct and I thought you should know that.

    Moreover I think it's a nonsense to have the PDF tab if it doesn't show informations because it can create confusion (you are not able to know if the file really has empty fields or if they are simply not shown).

    This is how I found the issue (I had a file with fields filled but PDF taw was empty).

    I suggest to integrate AcroRd32Info.exe back or remove PDF tab at all, just to avoid mistakes ;)


  2. No, it works fine with my English Corporate version. That is why I told you that I cannot guarantee that everything is going to work as it should be if you use other people's versions. Install my English Corporate version and tell us the results (uninstall any other versions first).

    Sorry XhmikosR,

    but the problem is present with your english corporate version too :(

    I made some screenshot:

    - Adobe Reader 9.1 Corporate


    - Adobe Reader 9.1 Full


  3. Released v.01 of Adobe Reader Corporate. I haven't removed any features or plugins of AR, only some unneeded stuff, which have no impact on the features of AR, and did some tweaks. I want to hear other people's opinion.:)

    In one word: perfect :)

    Its just what I was looking for :D

    Many thanks to you and to Shark for the great idea ;)


    if you have time and it's not too annoying for you, could you create localized versions of Corporate too? :)

    Thanks in advance.

    Adobe Reader 9.1 Lite - Bulgarian (bg_BG)

    Adobe Reader 9.1 Lite - Español (es_ES)

    Adobe Reader 9.1 Lite - Français (fr_FR)

    Adobe Reader 9.1 Lite - Hungarian (hu_HU)

    Adobe Reader 9.1 Lite - Italiano (it_IT)

    Adobe Reader 9.1 Lite - Japanese (ja_JP)

    Adobe Reader 9.1 Lite - Korean (ko_KR)

    Adobe Reader 9.1 Lite - Português (pt_BR)

    Adobe Reader 9.1 Lite - Russian (ru_RU)

    Adobe Reader 9.1 Lite - Turkish (tr_TR)

    Adobe Reader 9.1 Lite - Chinese Simplified (zh_CN)

    Adobe Reader 9.1 Lite - Chinese Traditional (zh_TW)

    I suggest to add all links to first message to give them more visibility ;)

  4. Finally, just to point out to Provolino about background processes run by Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 (full versions). I believe the talk of a background process is with regards to "AcroRd32Info.exe".

    You can easily see for yourself this behavior using either the Task Manager or the excellent piece of software, "Process Explorer" by Mark Russinovich (offered now under Microsoft's Windows Sysinternals).

    Just navigate in Windows Explorer to any folder containing PDFs and click each PDF in turn (not double click). Just by browsing PDFs, this process is launched and consumes resources - RAM and CPU time. Again, it is my opinion that this process is wholly and entirely unnecessary and represents a terrible policy in software development. This policy being of course the sheer arrogance that "my software is so important, I should put in unneeded functionality and not give the end user any option to disable".

    Thanks RogerDB for the hints.

    I performed some tests with "process explorer" and "Adobe Reader 9.1 full" and I found AcroRd32Info.exe is loaded just when you go in the "PDF" tab under the properties of pdf files.

    When you close the file, AcroRd32Info is unloaded correctly.

    IMHO, this is normal behaviour and I have no problems accepting it.

    I really don't like processes that stay in memory when you are not using them, but if a process is loaded only when I use it, I don't see anything wrong ;)

    I can only speak of my own opinion based on my own experiences and the experiences of others using Adobe Reader software. In my opinion, 3D PDF functionality is so specific and niche, that for me and everyone I have known, that if it were missing from Adobe Reader Lite, it would not be missed. To myself, the ability to see 3D in PDFs is completely unnecessary and I feel it is a wise decision indeed to be removed from the package.

    As I mentioned in my previous post, perhaps a solution might be a separate package for 3D PDFs that can be "added on" to the base Adobe Reader Lite installation. I leave this to XhmikosR to decide. However, I would like to reiterate that I completely stand by the current decision by both XhmikosR and Shark007 before him that 3D PDFs are superflous.

    3D PDF files are just an example.

    There are also other files with problems (like the forms reported by cybpsych in previous post).

    The problem is not the single file, but the reliability.

    We cannot be sure there are no other particular files with problems (just because we need to wait someone reports them) and this is, for me, a more than valid reason to not install lite version of Adobe Reader :(

    I really prefer to sacrifice the lightness of a program if I have in exchange the sureness it will not give me issues opening all files I can find surfing the web.

    That doesn't mean I don't appreciate the work under its creation, it's just a different point of view ;)

  5. - About the installer size:

    I agree with Shark007, we are in 2009 with 1TB hdd at less than 99$ and DSL connection at 10$/month ;)

    Most of people don't care about file sizes anymore so it's useless to care about saving 3MB.

    For example I don't care if I have to download a file of 10MB or 100MB, it's the same for me (I can wait a few minutes more without problems)

    So XhmikosR, there are no needs to worry about that ;)

    - About the lite installer:

    As I said before, I really appreciate the work behind the repackings and I'm used to use lite versions of official installers (I use iTunes lite, Quicktime and Real alternatives, Nero lite, etc).

    They are lighter than original package and work with no issues :D

    But this is the main point, "with no issues" :(

    If I use iTunes Lite, I'm sure I can do all the tasks I can perform with official iTunes and I can open all kinds of media files the program supports.

    If I use Nero Lite, I'm sure I can burn all kinds of disks with no limitations compared to bloated full version.

    And so on.

    If I find a file that cannot be opened with lite version of a tool (and works fine with full), there's something wrong :(

    This is what is happening with Adobe Reader Lite.

    I'm a computer specialist and, in my personal experience, Adobe Reader Lite is not reliable enough.

    I cannot risk to have a lot of customers calling me back for assistance because they are not able to open a 3D PDF file or fill a particular kind of form.

    Lite versions are good and I love them, but we need to keep in mind the main target.

    We can remove all extra and unnecessary features / plugins, but that has not to interfere with the ability of program to manage the files it has been created for.


    I checked several pcs with full Adobe Reader 9.1 installed and I didn't find any process in background when the application is closed :D

    The only step I performed was removing the shortcut in startup folder ;)

  6. EDIT:

    Could somebody inform me why exactly rt3d.dll is needed? I included it because some people asked for it, but i don't know why it may be useful.

    rt3d.dll is needed together with Atmosphere_3D to have 3d PDF full support.

    If you add it as standalone it's useless, so you can remote it ;)

    BTW, I really appreciate your work (and Shark007 for 9.0) creating this Lite version but I'm starting to wonder if it is still useful nowadays.

    I mean, I recently installed full version of 9.1 on several desktops / notebooks with standard components for testing and it takes just 4/5 seconds to load with all its plugins.

    Moreover you are sure it supports all PDF files you can find on the web (including 3D ones, etc.) with no worries to fight against missing dlls or similar stuff.

    I can also understand there are people just want basic pdf support (because they have old pcs with few ram, for example) but for them I suggest to install "Foxit Reader" because it does all Adobe Lite does and it's even faster :D

    Just my 2 cents ;)

  7. ar9lite_fix_rt3d.exe

    fix rt3d.dll for all language

    this is a .exe rar, install rt3d.dll in your:

    %programfiles%\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader in windows x86, tested in Windows XP Pro Sp3

    %programfiles(x86)%\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader in windows 64 bits, tested Windows Vista Sp1 Business 64 Bits.


    rt3d.dll has been extracted from Acrobat 9 Pro Spanish edition. But the .dll is in English for all language.

    Thanks a lot, DarkRay :D

  8. Reader_Big_Features / Atmosphere_3D / Reader_Bin_rt3d.dll feature have rt3d.dll.

    Atmosphere_3D feature needed to view 3d pdf.

    Great work X-FoRcE, this is the same issue I found in already published packages of Adobe 9 Lite ;)

    The missing rt3d.dll gives problem with some 3D pdf.

    I suggest to keep that in mind when new repacks will be created (since the problem is present in every localized release)

  9. I found a solution for the error I described in the previous posts :)

    The problem is not related to updater plugin, this is a false cause.

    Adobe asks for it because it doesn't find a .dll in the program folder and wants to update itself online to fix the error.

    The problem is very simple: the file "rt3d.dll" is missing and it's needed for documents with graphic or similar datas.

    Shark, if you want to accept a suggestion, just don't remove the dll from next lite versions and you will expand the compatibility of your tool in a few steps :)

    Thanks a lot.

  10. Hello Shark,

    I can understand your point of view but I think there's a basic mistake.

    I love your lite version of Adobe Reader because it is faster and lighter than the original one but this hasn't to "damage" program functionality.

    With "functionality" I mean the ability to view ALL pdf files correctly like the full version.

    If you release a lite version that runs faster but doesn't open all files safely, there's something wrong.

    Currently I found a specific file that gives error when opened, a good developer should fix that.

    Obviously you can remove all the plugins and files you want (this is one of the reasons it's called "lite") but I think it's a nonsense to remove files if they damage the program.


    BTW, I red "removed all auto-update features" and I understand the meaning (even if I'm not english mother-tong).

    There's no need to be ironic.

  11. Adobe Reader 9 Lite is not able to open this file:


    It gives error on missing "Updater" plugin.

    Here is a screenshot:


    Hope it can be fixed ;)

    I made some tests:

    I tried to copy updater.api and updater.ita files from full Adobe Reader 9 installation (I'm using italian version) and the message is fixed but it gives another error window just after with the message

    "Impossible to display this document because a plug-in is missing" without specify the plugin name :(

    I tried to copy all the plugins installed with full version, including 3d plugins folder but the message is still present.

    Maybe some registry keys are missing...

    I can confirm full Adobe Reader open the file correctly without any error message

  12. Im working on a Vista RTM style logon screen...I hope you 'll get soon.

    Very happy to know that :)

    If I can give you some suggestions:

    - Please create a logon screen without text on it (I'd like to have it neutral so I can use on XP, Vista, etc.)

    - Please create it based on black Vista logon screen (I mean the one with black background)

    - If it's possible, I'd like to have also logout and shutdown screens that match same theme :D

    thanks a lot in advance

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