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  1. Probably you can replace TaskSwitchXP with VistaSwitcher.


    TaskSwitchXP Is Outdated. Get A Better Alt-Tab Here →

    VistaSwitcher is a reincarnation of TaskSwitchXP, the key new features include:

    - Outstanding UI, semi-transparent backgrounds and antialiased fonts

    - Live window and desktop previews under Windows Vista and 7

    - Despite the name, it works on Windows XP too ;))

    VistaSwitcher runs under Windows XP/Vista and 7. There is also a native 64-bit version available for download. The program integrates into Windows natively and runs without any compatibility issues.





  2. You are talking about the font size setting displayed in the next picture?

    I have tried now all 3 options. This has no effect on the image.

    I'm using XPize 4.5.1 LITE <- probably the problem is only in this version

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