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  1. one possible problem with this.

    older PCI video cards are hit and miss whether they support being secondary cards. Some will definitely not work at all if they are not the boot-up vidcard.

    Best bet by far is to get a new card with dual outputs and use it.

  2. I know I'm a little late to the party... but I have a third suggestion for the case.


    I tried this case first with my athlon x2 I built myself a year ago and I have been nothing but extatically pleased with it. I removed the gaudy "ultra" silver side-of-case fan cover, to find there is honeycomb black steel grille behind it that looks very nice. The case itself has a 120MM fan hole and is built incredibly well and intellegently. It even directs airflow through the HDD area even if you have no fan there. Here, lemme show you.


    As for it having no PSU, go visit http://www.pcpowercooling.com and get yourself one. I got the silencer 360 for $55 shipped a year ago. their customer support is top shelf and so are their PSUs.

  3. OK I would like to know exactly what is going on here. I have had my signature removed not once but twice within an hour, not a PM nothing stating why (the first time it had a message stating the rules for sinatures replacing my signature)

    It is definitely within forum guidelines, and I am more then a little miffed that it was removed not once but twice without even a PM as to why when it is definitely within the rules.

    The second time it was:

    "Images in signatures shall NOT exceed a total of 300x100 (30,000) and 80kb.

    You can enter max 4 lines of text in signature or signature image."MODS: Image is 450x34 (15,300) and 8.7KB it is WITHIN rules.


    I would love to know why it was removed not once but twice even though it is plainly within the sig rules.

  4. Go gigabyte. not too much on OC options (google gigabyte hidden F? key) but they are the most solid reliable board manu Ive ever seen short of tyan (server board manufacturer)

    I second the idea of getting non-onboard video and slapping in a cheap add-in card, the rest should be integrated.

  5. I own the 7200.10 sata2 16MB 320GB seagate drive. you will be amazed at the perf.

    Since windows uses the 'least busy drive' for swap, if I were you I would reinstall to the 7200.10 drive, and put a swapfile of set size (1GB or so) on each drive. That solves several gotchas at once.

    I would also install all large apps to the second drive, while small apps and OS on the 7200.10 I also like my OS partition to be 10GB to keep it from spanning large areas across the drive and increasing seek times when a lot is installed. That also gives you the best area of the disk as far as of-platter speed goes.

    in a nutshell:

    ~10GB partition on the new drive for OS and small programs (also a ~1GB swapfile)

    ~the rest on the new drive for high speed storage

    ~the old drive for installing large programs to (also a ~1GB swapfile)

  6. Here at UNC

    Whoa. fellow Chapel Hill resident. Heya!

    On the subject of HDD reliability - I find that it has a lot to do with how the drives are handled pre-end environment and in their end environment. I remember a case where a client was getting them from a grey market by the case... come to find out they had been shipping them ship freight without *ANY* padding whatsoever, just a gob of drives in static bags inside a box. Yikes!

  7. I have been using 9.02 (8585) all this time and have never had any of the issues you two have...

    I am pretty sure the problem lies somewhere else with both of you. The virus infection is probably what happened with the OP.

    Im sorry to hear about your wrist.... get well soon ok?

  8. ...You didn't read my link, did you...

    It's not how many watts, it's how many amps per rail that is drawn. modern systems draw almost all their power from the +12v line. That, and true split-rail supplies can be grossly overloaded on one rail while having extra on another. It's much more of a mess then you are suggesting, Zxian.

  9. LLXX has it spot-on. Educate yourself with the infamous Ice Czar's Watts don't mean JACK! thread. Ive been pointing to this thread for years, this guy knows his stuff.

    I only use FSP rebrands (and a few others) in my systems.

    An addendum to LLXX - Yes, they definitely rate them in questionable methods, just like those 7 watt per channel RMS $10 computer speakers that somehow become 280 watts PMPO. Watts definitely don't mean jack.

  10. So do you it seems!

    We can get them for as little as £3.99 here! :P hehe, (tis without a power supply mind, but thats easily worked round)

    Not if you wanna take it with you! :D

    there are cheaper ones without the psu, but it's a lot more trouble to have one without and have to rig something (which will almost always be larger and harder to take with you say in a laptop bag)

  11. Problem with both those ideas: no car no phone. It's amazing how many people (and establishments) assume that everyone has a car and a phone... makes life difficult but I just can't afford one. (please save the WHY? its so cheap, or whatever comment about this for another thread, I have gotten VERY tired of explaining my financial situation to people - suffice it to say it is not possible for me to have either right now)

    Heck, I just got my first bank account (and debit card) in 7 years, imagine living without a bank account :( its not been easy or fun.

  12. I never said I go through a lot, just when I do buy I buy in bulk and have some ready to go when I do need them.

    That business I bought them from went out of business a year or two ago :)

    I would be interested in buying 10 or 15 right now, or 20 in a month, just to have some stock up... depending on how much shipping would be. shipping would be no rush - a week would be acceptible (up to a month if we have to do international ship freight), and USPS preferred.

    I do however still do some freelance consulting and tech work, so I do use some in others' systems.

  13. the best anti virus to use on any of the windows operating systems is Avast anti virus, it updates every day, picks up every known virus

    not according to many leading testing sites, it doesn't. nothing does.


    , u can do a dos based scan on boot so it guarentees virus removal, i work for a computer company and we fix 30 systems a day many of witch have virus problems and this removes everything with a boot time scan and seems to even pick up viruses that kapersky, panda, norton, mcaffe, avg and many other progs seem to miss

    It also has the highest "false detection" rate of any antivirus program on the market, free or not. Avast! is not "the best" it is simply "good".

  14. Does anyone happen to have a place they can order medium quantities (10-20 at a time) 80 wire PATA ribbon cables? My usual source (that sold for $1 each plus shipping per LB) went out of business since the last time I had to order. They gotta deliver to east coast USA and be well built.

    Newegg sells them for $3 each plus shipping each (another $3 or so) which is exorbinant!

    After lots more searching, the cheapest place with decent ones is still the egg...


    but in quantities of 8 or more, it is still over $4 each after shipping. insane!

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