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  1. If we use the default safe configure in VISTA,so we must input the account and password when we need login in system,the importantest advantage is deny unauthorization user login in and improve the system safe layer.But if you want to auto login,how can do? Here i have a method to share.

    Normally we can modify Group Policy to aim it.but now i will use a software from Shellrevealed

    This software not only help we auto login but also improve our system safe.Because the softeware will encrypt our account password in regist.

    1.First we must download the software from Shellrevealed to our computer

    2.Run command,and change the current account belong administrator

    3.Autologon.exe /Set /Username:<username> - configure system auto login by username

    Autologon.exe /Set /Username:<username> /Count:3 - Configure system auto login by username three times

    Autologon.exe /Delete - username;disable auto login

    Autologon.exe /Migrate - encrypt other account password


  2. 81490A2D61D0B4878E78EDC826E8B9CC.jpg

    1.Analyse your computer,prepare to update

    you should to download the tool name Windows Upgrade Advisor,this tool will check your computer and tell you which version VISTA can be installed in your computer.

    2.Check your CPU

    If you want run VISTA,CPU Clock Speed at least 800MHz

    3.Enough Memory

    If you want run VISTA,you had better use 512M.

    4.Look at your Display Card

    3D Aero glass effect is the new function in VISTA,so you must check your display card if soppor DX9

    5.Sure that your have enough harddisk space

    Your harddisk at least to 40GB and keep at least 15GB free space

    6.Ensure your have DVD driver

    VISTA is publish thought a DVD,so your computer must have DVD ROM

    7.Choose a version fit for you

    VISTA have five version:Windows Vista Home Basic,Windows Vista Home Premium,Windows Vista Business,Windows Vista Enterprise,Windows Vista Ultimate Vista Ultimate.Which one will you choose?Maybe only you know.

    8.Check the application compatibility

      You can download ACT(Application Compatibility Tool) to help you ensure that which application can't be run under the VISTA

    9.Don't forget backup your data

    10.Don't forget backup your Notebook

    Ok!VISTA as a new operation system,we should be cost more time to learn it and test it.This is a very interest thing for me.


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