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  1. thats why i will install xp again

    i got a pertium E6600 (2.4 dual core), 2gb ram, geforce 7950GT and i was using vista HOME BASIC, which is the lightest version of vista

  2. same problem here

    it doesnt happen with my portuguese version of xp, only with the english one

    something in nlite is removing the dhcp service

    everytime i use the nlite i run it again to check if i can remove anything else but on my english version of xp the dhcp service is removed even if i check the DHCP compatibility. Nlite also removes another thing that it was not supposed to remove because when i check the DHCP compat. there are 14 hidden items but there only 12 after using nlite(1 of them is the DHCP service)

    edit: i dont know if its important but my english version of xp already has the sp2 integrated and my portiguese version is the basic xp installation(no xp integrated, i have to integrate it manually or by nlite)

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