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  1. I assume you can read [and write] from your post, so what is preventing the descriptions in the program from getting into the sight of your eyes?

    And even if you couldn't read, you should still have enough sense to test the installation before fully implementing it.


    I don't understand where the actual problem is. nLite is a program used for reshaping the Windows installation CDs, it has no effect on an already set up Windows. Windows Media Center Edition is just Windows XP with some multimedia programs added to it.

  2. Don't those of us with XP Pro/Home still need it to activate Windows online ?

    Yes I know we could just call but who really wants to waste money phoning MS just to activate.

    I have Autoactivate set in Winnt.sif, surely without Oobe or at least some part of it, this would fail ?

    What exactly do you mean you have autoactivate in winnt.sif? I know you can put the key in, but beyond that I don't know what you refer to.

    Also don't you need the oobe for calling as well?

  3. I just tried Diskeeper 2007, and I must say they pretty much fixed all the problems I had with version 10.

    But I have another problem: after installing IE7 (or at least I think that's the cause) some services were deleted somehow. (Server and one called Redirector are the ones I know of). I think this is causing Diskeeper to fail when I do a manual defrag. It hangs and then spits back an error saying to check the event log.

    The automatic defrag is great so I just left that on.

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