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  1. I was trying to incorporate the latest SP1 onto my Vista Ultimate x86 drive via Virtual PC and kept coming up with 800F081F error. It happend right after it started to download SP1, got to about 13% downloaded, and then say this error. I tried several times. Made numerous different vLite'd disks with different settings but the same thing.

    It was not until just a minute ago that I released this:


    Since Bitlocker is required and that it's not "on" in my Virtual drive, that I kept coming up with this error. Also, the code resembles the one listed on this site.

    So, I'm going to go burn my image to a DVD and install on another parition on my HDD. Hopefully everything goes well and I can get this stupid thing to work.. :/

    BTW, I'm loving SP1 on Vista Ultimate x64 (build 6001.17036, non-vLite'd).


  2. Woo, sorry about that. I was replaying to another forum about a motherboard issue along with this window opened. Guess I got side-tracked.. :wacko:

    Is it a USB external HDD or flash drive? I know I've gotten this issue with 2003 Server back in the day but i just had Windows install the generic driver.

  3. I'll admit that I haven't read all the posts fully but to me some of you seem to be missing the point. Hardware is getting better and better and 4Gb of RAM will at some point become standard. If you benchmark 4Gb RAM XP against 4Gb Vista, you'll see that Vista IS way BETTER. And that's the thing, Vista WASN'T designed for the computer of yesterday. It WAS designed for the computer of tomorrow. SuperFetch is by design made to hogg all your RAM and ReadyBoost will speed up system load times with the right hardware in the right situations. I recently read an article on engadget where a guy tested out Vista on a new macbook pro. He said that vista was faster and more responsive then os x on that same machine.

    currently my VISTA is consuming 50% of RAM of 768 MB, then i disabled my un-necessary services including readyboost and superfetch as you beleive it will hogg all RAM


    but on the next reboot there isn't any difference still the same usage of RAM. 50 %. this is what the meaning of proper memory management ?

    Now the performance of vista on macbook, initial installation of any OS will obviously be faster. even XP on 128 MB or vista on 512 MB machine will be faster but with the period of time and third party software installation it will become slower. and you will face the same with your vista installation too. then again u have to apply some tweaks to boostup .

    You do realize that having those programs running in your taskbar is using up some memory usage. Heck, I would disable quick launch while your at it. See if that makes a small difference.


  4. The EXACT same thing is happening to me too with my Dell laptop OEM disk.

    I got an Dell OEM Ultimate disk with my laptop and when I try to vlite anything or change any of the settings I get an error when I'm doing a clean install. I don't think I will be able to use this program on my disk afterall.... :(

    EDIT: Nevermind.. holy crap am I stupid or just really tired atm because I found out that I was suppose to convert my ISO standard into UDF format. After I did this and ran Virtual PC to test the image it worked PERFECTLY! So my :( is now a :)


  5. Last week when I was installing Ultimate on my laptop I reformatted twice to get the feel of the OS. First try was to see how well the default drivers would perform and the second was when I decided to use vLite to get rid of some of the annoying features (UAC, security messages, etc.). I did these attempts on the same day so when I was reinstalling the second time the person on the phone was asking me for my product key because they had recorded another attempt earlier from that same key (obviously me). No really biggie though.


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