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  1. i have a Windows XP Pro X64 and i have a Athlon 64 3700+ CPU

    anyways.. i can install the untouched xp under the Guest Operating System fine.. after i stripped it of stuff i dont need like messnger and stuff.. it dont install.. it said that i dont have a HDD.. so i repacked it with x64 nForce drivers and try to install again.. same thing...

    so i was looking through the Guest Operating options and thought i try OTHER X64 OS... to my suprised it installs fine.. tho my drivers werent installed coz ive been told that VMware install its own drivers...

    so my question is, will i beable to install this modded OS on my machine coz im confused.

    THANX for the help

  2. well its mostly of no use to me.. like the old msn messenger, rather installing OS with it then later removing, why no do it once coz i use Messenger Live which is the newer one, also IE and WMP for starters.. theres alot more others that i dont need to use a newer version... which is why..

    but i was able to install my stripped one using VMware when using the Guest Operating System as Other X64 OS and not has a Guest using Windows XP PRO X64 which is confusing me

    Thanx for the help

  3. i remade the OS adding some nForce drivers from nVidia which included the smBus and SATA/RAID drivers...

    same thing happens, i can not intsall it under the Windows XP but only when i select OTHER X64 OS... is this normal?????? im confused

  4. i have the VMware Workstation Ace Edition 6.0.1

    i have the original untouched X64 XP Pro and it installs fine under the Windows XP Pro X64 with you selection "Which OS your installing" then when i stripped the OS and installed it it failed saying it cant find complatible hardware.. i thought i try to select Other OS, the stripped one installs... is this normal? is this how your suppose to test out the OS if you modded it?

  5. im trying to get some chipset drivers integrated using nLite 1.4 beta

    so a screen pops up asking if i wan "Regualr PNP Driver or Textmode Driver

    im guessing its better for Textmode? coz nlite automatically highlights it for me..

    its for my nforce drivers and what not.. also, how can i get my SATA drivers into windows without having to press F6.. i dont have a floppy drive on my system, can i also do it with nLite?

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