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  1. So you can't even install Windows 2003, this STOP error crops up during setup?

    * yes i can install fine, but it stops when it goes to restart.

    Are you formatting the partition through setup, or preparing it beforehand?

    * Through set up when it aske . where do i want to install this OS.

    Do you have another Windows 2003 CD that you could test, to rule out a media problem?

    Its not a media prob, because is a MSDN subscriber cd.

    Im thinking of just putting XP Pro back on it. and just do my Photoshop and do my web stuff on it.


  2. HI,

    Ive checked and could not find this problemo. I have a older Compaq ProSigina with dual P3600mhz and 2GB RAM. It originaly had server 03 on it but i put XP Pro for an extra desktop. (dumb idea) so i removed the xtra items i put in it such as a usb card and sound card. Xp still was operating fine. Today I went to reformat for Server03 and got the blue screen of death with STOP:c000021a and STATUS OF: 0xc000012f. ive checkd all hardware and all is good. Any advise?

    Thanks again


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