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  1. i have not installed nvidia firewall or network access manager.

    i remember i also got this problem in the past for some nlite installs, couldn't get open ports... so it's something from nlite. doubt it is an addon..

  2. but still i cannot have any ports open on my machine. please advise what to do :(

    1. Did it work at any point after the install?

    2. Do you have a router?

    3. Are the following services: Windows Firewall(ICS) and Application Layer Gateway up and running?

    4. Can you manipulate the Firewall tab on Network Connection Properties (turn it on/off)?

    5. What protocols do you see in the properties of your network connection (This connection uses the following items...)?


    1. No, it was like that first time i checked it, also a friend tried my cd and he reported the same error

    2. No, i don't have a router

    3. they are both running

    4. yes i can now, only after i did what it says here http://windowsxp.mvps.org/repairwmi.htm

    5. client for microsoft networks, file and print sharing for microsoft networks, qos packet scheduler, internet protocol (tcp/ip)

  3. i followed the information here:


    and now i don't get the wmi error in the advanced tab of a network connection, but still i cannot have any ports open on my machine. please advise what to do :(

  4. well that's just a variable right ? it's not like it's doing something, it's just allowing something to happen

    so.. 10.. 10 million . what's the difference ? ideas please, i want to get this thing close to perfect and this is a serious bug

  5. I got a problem...

    On Advanced tab of a network connection, windows tells me WMI is corrupted, and in any p2p program i cannot get my ports to be reachable, only passive connections. I am attaching the .ini file of nlite, please tell me what not to remove so this doesn't break. Also please tell me if there's anything i can do to fix it on my current windows install, so I do not have to reformat


  6. can someone please translate this to nlite .ini file addon syntax ? so i can add my cdkey dirrectly in the addon. thanks

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Info]



    "Company"="Microsoft Software Forum Network"

  7. what addons are missing ? i didn't see anything missing except languages

    as for the adverts, just open the .inf file in the cab and see what registry keys he added to it

    same goes with the toolbars, export the keys from the registry after you have configured foxit to your liking and add them to the .inf file

    i think johndoe had enough work; some things we can do for ourselves

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