I have come like many others on this site looking for informations about today computer hardware which is working with Windows 98. To make future searches of many others easier to find solution I will here write names of "modern" MBO which support Windows 98. Conditions to enter this list are: 1) It is now in shops near you (not internet but in real shops) 2) MBO are supporting 2007 tehnology, Windows 98 SE and we can still find official drivers UPDATE SUMMER 2011: For this update it have been used information from Amazon because it is possible from this site to buy MBO in ulmost every state. Biostar DDR2 Micro ATX Motherboard, with C7-D 1.6 GHz Processor, VIA CN896+8237S chipset (it is possible to download Win 98 SE official drivers for integrated graphics + IDE, SATA II from VIA web site). In theory processor C7-D 1.6 GHz is possible to change with Nano x2 because they are pin-to-pin compatible. JetWay J7F4K1G5S-LF VIA C7 VIA NanoBGA2 VIA CN700 Mini ITX (SATA II, Max memory 1 GB) Intel LAD865GVIPL Intel Celeron M @ 1.3GHz Socket 478 Intel 865GV (SATA I, Max memory 2 GB) BIOSTAR P4M890M7SE LGA 775 VIA P4M890 (SATA I, max memory 4 GB) AS ROCK AM2NF3-VSTA (support CPU until Phenom II X4 3.5 GHz, max 16 GB) Earlier writen updates about MBO (2007-2010): INTEL socket 775: MBO ABIT, SG 80DC, SIS 661FX, BUS 800 MHz, VGA, SATA I (end of production december 2008) *MBO ABIT, IP-95, VIA P4M890, DDR II, BUS 1066 MHz, SATA I (end of production december 2008) MBO ASRock 775i65G R2.0, intel865, DDR I, SATA I MBO ASROCK, 4COREDUAL-SATA2 R2.0, VIA PT880 Ultra, BUS 1066 MHz, DDR II, SATA 2 *MBO ASROCK, 4CoreDX90-VSTA R2.0, VIA® P4M900, VGA max 256 MB directX 9.0, MBO ASUS P5SD2-VM mATX/SiS672/1066/DDR2/VGA 256 MB/PCI-ex Vista premium ready MBO ECS P4M800Pro-M2, VIA P4M800Pro, VGA (rev 2.0) , DDR II, *MBO ECS 662/1066T-M2, SIS 662, VGA 128 MB, DDR II, mATX MBO Gigabyte GA-8I865GME-775-RH (rev. 2.0). *MBO MSI P4M900M3-L, VIA P4M900, BUS 1066, SATA II (end of production in fall 2008) Socket 479 *MBO INTEL SiS662, Celeron 220 + MBO BLKD201GLY2 DDR II - 667, VGA SiS662 (production started in winter 2008/2009) Socket 478 MBO ASROCK P4i65GV, i865GV, DDR, zvuk, VGA, S-ATA, LAN, AGP, mATX, s. 478 AMD Today in shops near you it is ulmost impossible to find AM2 socket MBO which are supporting Windows 98. After looking very hard I have make this finding: socket AM2/AM2+: MBO ASROCK, s. AM2, AM2NF3-VSTA, NVIDIA nFORCE 3 250, BUS 2000 MHz, AGP, serial ATA (it is still in shops (2011)) MBO AsRock ALiveDual-eSATA2. This is hybrid chipset. Both original chipset are having Win 98 drivers, but together ? Interesting is that in CPU support list AsRock has added socket AM3 Phenom II, but officialy socket AM3 is not supported ? Socket 754. MBO ABIT, s. 754, KV85, VIA K8M800, BUS 1600 MHz, VGA, serial ATA (end of production december 2008) MBO MSI K8MM3-V. Only 1 IDE. (end of production in 2008) Abit has gone out of business ( http://alienbabeltech.com/main/?p=3675 ) To MBO with sign * are having integrated GPU and it is not possible to add graphic card supported with official drivers because Windows 98 has not recieved PCIE support. Summer 2010 situation: INTEL socket 775: ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0 support processors until Core 2 Quad Q6700(G0), Core 2 Duo E7500(R0), Pentium Dual Core E6300(R0), Celeron E3300. It is possible to download Win98SE drivers (IDE, RAID, SATA and USB) from Via site. MBO is still in shops (Amazon and others) Small number of laptops like Asus K50C are using SiS672+968 chipset for which is possible to download graphic card drivers INTEL socket 478: MB Asrock P4I65GV Zvuk+VGA+SATA+LAN 3rd section update (summer 2010). First has been in 2007