I've just noticed that not all programs in Windows 98/SE/ME put the same boot sectors to the formatted disk. There are 2 variants, both for FAT12(16) and for FAT32. The first variant is used by FORMAT.COM (FAT12+FAT32), SYS.COM (FAT12+FAT32), SETUPX.DLL (FAT12), CVT.EXE (FAT32) This type of FAT12/16 boot record is analyzed here: http://www.geocities.com/thestarman3/asm/mbr/WIN98FDB.htm This type of FAT32 boot record is analyzed here http://www.geocities.com/thestarman3/asm/mbr/MSWIN41.htm http://home.att.net/~rayknights/pc_boot/w95bboot.htm The second variant is used in DSKMAINT.DLL only (both FAT12 and FAT32) This type of FAT12/16 boot record is analyzed here: http://home.att.net/~rayknights/pc_boot/w95aboot.htm This type of FAT32 boot record is probably analyzed nowhere. What is the difference of FAT12 boot sectors? The first variant: 1. Looks for JO.SYS, then for IO.SYS if the boot device is not hard drive. (This feature is used on the install boot disk and in the boot image of the bootable CD-ROM) 2. Does not look for WINBOOT.SYS 3. Uses INT13 Extensions if the boot device is harddrive and if the active primary partition is type 0C or 0E. The second variant: 1. Looks for WINBOOT.SYS and, if not found, for IO.SYS 2. Never looks for JO.SYS 3. Never uses INT13 extensions => cannot be used for booting from bigger disks (>512MB) What variant is better? What should be used? Should't we relpace the boot records in DSKMAINT.DLL by boot records in FORMAT.COM or vice versa? They are stored as resources in DSKMAINT.DLL. Another problem is the localization (translation) of the boot record. There are error messages: $0D$0AInvalid system disk$FF $0D$0ADisk I/O error$FF $0D$0AReplace the disk, and then press any key$0D$0A CVT.EXE and SETUPX.DLL contain no translation. FORMAT.COM and SYS.COM have error messages translated, but in many languages incorrectly - there are missing some important bytes, for example there is used FF twice as a flag for the program to jump to other place. DSKMAINT.DLL have similar problem, and I even noticed that the translation is not used at all. If we decide to change the boot record it should be discovered how the program determines the location where to put the translated string. The localization problem is not very important but for perfectness could be done. The main question remains - what format is better? Command line FORMAT.COM or Windows one using DSKMAINT.DLL? Petr