Enable a new executable to load with old DLLs or on an older OS.

debugging DLL:
Drugwash's API Parameter Count v1.0.1.0

Features: Analyzes a program's OS subsystem and Import requirements
Walks (recurses through) all dependencies (optional)
Creates #.log file with detailed results
Creates #.ini file for controlling patching step
Patches OS subsystem if needed
Substitutes for any import modules and functions, missing or not
Patches hints for better performance (optional)
Hint support disabled pending design review
Supports all Portable Executable (PE) files (apps, dll's, ...)

Works in four steps:
Set parameters
[ Analyze ]
Edit DLL filename and API strings
[ Patch ]

Suggested usage: Create a shortcut to ImportPatcher in your Windows SendTo folder
Send files to it using the right-click context menu.

Notes: All file patching is done on copies.
Filenames containing '=' are incompatible with the use of an .ini file. Please rename.
If module MSVC*#*.DLL is reported missing, try replacing it with 'MSVC*71*.DLL.