Dear user , you have probably been pointed here because you completely failed to read the FGA's and particularly FGA #1: You also completely failed to read the main thread, where very often a new member, just like you, thinks to be smart and that he can get away with a PCB swap, a few examples: Now, swapping PCB's is in this case a very bad idea, and deemed to failure. It is NOT new, and it´s offending the intelligence of the people who found/developed the methods to recover from a BSY or LBA0 error, and a kind of lack of respect towards the ones that try to help others in following that procedure, and that spent a lot of time in wording both the read-me-first (which should be read FIRST): and the FGA's: It also does not stand a logical verification. You had this great new idea, allright : since it's new, then noone has ever tested it, thus noone can possibly tell you if it will work or it won't. On the other hand, asking if it will work on the main thread dedicated to bricked 7200.11, implies that you presume that peeps in there do know where their towel is, and know more (or better) than you on this specific topic. So, these guys/gals are recommending a rather complex procedure, involving a data converter and issuing a set of commands to the drive, and you come to ask them if a much simpler procedure (swapping PCB's) will work? What do you think they will answer you? A typical answer would be: [sarcasm] Sure it will work, the reason why we use and advice another and much more complex and error prone procedure is basically because we like deceiving other people and make things that are completely unneeded, and besides we are covertly financed by the USB-to-TTL and RS232-to-TTL sellers lobby, we already tricked several hundreds people into buying this completely unneeded hardware, so we are pretty good at it. [/sarcasm] As a known shoe manufacturer would say: Just do it! Only, please don't come here whining it didn't work. jaclaz