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Install XP from USB

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I have a bookmark to the thread on booting XP from USB - ultimately successful. However, this page no longer appears to exist, and searching for 'USB' throws no results - can anyone tell me what happened to it? Sorry if I'm being exceptionally dim!!


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Booting xp frm USB? Yes, it is possible. but installing xp from usb.. aaa.. e.e.er.....

i don't think it can be done..... ahhha..

You can install from usb but not directly, I mean you can boot xp from usb (bartpe) and after you install windows like "winnt /syspart ...."

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Hey guys, take a deep breath, and start revising your opinion on this, it is PERFECTLY possible to install XP from USB.


The topic is here:


Quick links to various releases of the tutorials:






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  • 3 months later...

I have successfully accomplished this install using the guide.

A few notes,

Stock XP VLK install works seamlessly.

I first attempted using the Grub bootloader, works fine.

Now I am using the extracted bootsector, renamed to skip using GRUB and boot directly from NTLDR into the TXTMODE SETUP.

This process was posted by ilko_t here


Also works fine.

Here's the next problem.

Trying to install a custom XP build. RVM/NLITE/YADAYADA

Addon most of the current hotfixes and extras such as WMP11 and IE7.

Important note about Nlite and RVM customized XPs for USB.

Make sure to use

winnt32 /makelocalsource:all /unattend:winnt.sif /noreboot

The /unattend:winnt.sif makes sure that the nlite version of the winnt.sif is used.

Yes, you still have to edit it and remove the [unattended] section.

I didn't at first and because it didn't give me the choice of which disk / partition to use,

it said my drive F: (usb disk) was corrupt and unfixable.

First problem - SOLVED

During TXTMODE it asks for the Windows XP SP2 Disc 2 -

This is fixed using /makelocalsource:all

The guide needs to reflect that.

While using this switch, there was a bunch of missing files (for Tablet PC and Media Center? versions.) I skipped those files.

Second problem - SOLVED - but needs some work.

Second problem, during textmode it asks for quite a few dlls and files that are MISSING from the /makelocalsource:all copy.

These files are present in my i386 (nlited and rvmi) source directory.

A few of them are , kbdhc.dll , kbdiultn.dll , kbdnepr.dll and more.

I solved this by copying all of the .dll files from my i386 (nlited and rvmi) source in to the $WIN_NT$.~LS directory on my USB stick. I did not overwrite files.

Then setup gets a bit further and starts to ask for some driver files. Specifically amdk6.sys and amdk7.sys

To fix this I extracted driver.cab and copied the entire thing into my $WIN_NT$.~LS directory as well. Once again I did not overwrite files.

At this point the installation is continuing.

Can someone tell me why these steps are necessary ? Did I do something wrong?

Also I have been following the whole process in all the various threads, I still don't understand what the binifix is for? Can someone explain?

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