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Welcome to Windows Music


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I'm pretty sure this is old news, but I've never seen this particular "thing" myself so I'm posting it anyway.

I can guess that most people are familiar with the "Welcome to Windows" music (title.wma) found in Windows XP, and automatically plays during installation. Highly irritating = yes. Serves a purpose = Yes.

It's Microsofts way of introducing you to XP, hence the purpose. I'm not sure Vista has its own version, but if it does, it again would serve a purpose.

Now, I've got a dual boot configuration with Vista, and Server 03 Enterprise. And guess what file lies within "D:\Windows\system32\oobe\images\"?


2003 has it's very own version - god knows how it's supposed to be played though since I've never seen an equivelent 2003 OOBE like XP has. (If it can be enabled somehow, would some post how to do that?)

I can't help but think that it doesn't quite belong in an Operating System that RRP's at $2,995. :whistle:

(For those who don't have 2003, it's quite heavily influenced by Spanish/Mexican music).

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It's just some "background" music while Windows installs. Just something Microsoft threw together. It's a nice soothing song!

Qatar Airlines plays that tune while awaiting departure.

Want to listen to it?

Start -> Run -> "D:\Windows\system32\oobe\images\title.wma" -> OK.

Use this way in a vbs or likewise to enable it when you like.

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