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Multi boot XP + Vista ?


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I've not read through the whole topics and threads, and this would be my first post.

By surfing and searching through the net, i couldn't find any solution to have a Vista + XP multi-boot dvd. So i thought leave a post here and have some help from the pros.

is it possible? and if so how?

i'd like to have XP (x86 + x64) and Vista (x86 + x64) all in one dvd (dual layered) which makes it 4 OS in 1.

Thanx in advance :rolleyes:

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ya, i think it is possible, i could do that from isolinux wen i tried

havnt tried on easyboot

it is quiet possible, bcoz etfsboot.com is similar to the cd boot image for XP and 2003, with some updates and instead of "SETUPLDR.BINBOOTFIX.BINI386" string in XP


so may quet similar

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