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Power Supply Choice?


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Hey Guys, I am new in here and this is my first post. Hopefully this is the right place to ask my question. I am building a new system and I need help on picking up a Power Supply. The reason I haven't bought one is because I am waiting for Intel's X38 Chipset Release. I was think maybe there might be some Voltage difference. But I guess I was wrong. From what I have read around, Whatever Power Supply I buy SHOULD Work with Intel's Upcoming Bearlake-X (X38) Platform. If this is true can you guys please recommend me a good power supply.

So far in my Blue Print, this is the Config I have so Far:

CPU - Dual or Quad Core

Motherboard - Intel or Asus

DDR2 or DDR3 Memory Chip

Nvidia 8800 Graphic Card

DVD-Writer (SATA)


WD Raptor HD (SATA)

Plus 3+ HD (SATA)

This is what I have so far. I might Add More stuff later. So if you guys can recommend me a good PS, It would really help me out.

Thank You for all your help, :thumbup

P.S. Fusion :hello:

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Hey Guys, I just wanted ask if you guys can recommend Watts for my system too. I know you guys can't give me a exact watts, but just in your opinion. I know alot of you guys already have given me the watts, but I also wanted to tell you that I also have other add-on stuff for the case. I am using the CM Stacker 830 Case and if you know about that case you know it has 7 Fans. I plan to use all of them (All 120mm). So if you guys can help me in the watts department, that would really narrow my PS Shopping.

I am leaning more and more towards Enermax Power Supply. 720W or There 8XX Watts Power Supply.

THX for all the help guys.

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Thx again for all the input guys and after thinking alot I have made my decision and I am gona go with the Enermax Infiniti 720W (Nvidia SLi Certified) (EIN720AWT). I think and hope that this PS will take care my power needs and I also picked up some reviews that I am gona go threw. Once again Thx for all the help guys.

P.S. Fusion

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nonono.... Corsair or Seasonic (same OEM actually). Enermax is bad... I've had troublesome Enermax PSUs in my testing, and a couple that didn't work up to their ratings!

If you're worried about that extra little bit of power, get a 700W Seasonic M12. Otherwise, the Corsair HX620. Both have been reviewed at SPCR, and got excellent ratings.

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the Corsair HX620 is a great psu! its what i used for my friend's comp. he has an e6600 and 8800gts.

modular and thin cables, great for cable management!

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