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Increase Available Memory / Use 3rd party EXE


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I am trying to increase the size of available memory that WinPE 2.0 Utilizes.

Also, I need to run a third party executable from IBM called IPSSEND.exe to establish raid arrays. When I try to run the executable WINPE tells me that the "file is not found" even though I know it is there.

Does WinPE 2.0 limit what executables you can launch? I can of course execute imagex and other built in Widows PE executables.

Thanks for the help.


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Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


;dword:00000010 = 16
; 0x10 = 16Mb
; 0x18 = 24Mb
; 0x20 = 32Mb
; 0x30 = 48Mb
; 0x40 = 64Mb
; 0x48 = 72Mb
; 0x60 = 96Mb
; 0x80 = 128Mb
; 0x100 = 256Mb

This will allow for you to change the size of your ram drive. Mount the hive and then change the settings.

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