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BCDEdit Incompatible with XP?


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I tried running BCDEdit in Windows XP and got an error regarding ntdll.dll. I found file in Vista and registered in XP and still same error.

Curious though, after I clicked OK on error dialog, BCDEdit displayed the content of my bcd.

Anyone tried using it to edit bcd from XP? Is there a way to make it run without errors?

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Yeah, I didn't find it in WAIK either. I do believe bcdedit is not part of WAIK.

bcdedit is part of WinPE.wim.

In WAIK, you can see different folders (ia64, amd64, x86) for different platforms, these folders contain basic WinPE.wim image files. When you mount WinPE.wim file using imagex, u can find bcdedit.exe in that mounted folder.

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I experienced problems when using bcdedit in Windows XP. The only way that it worked completely functional was when I ran it from Vista or a Vista PE version which I created with WAIK. So for me it doesn't work properly in Windows XP.

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BCDedit is only for configuring BCD. It cannot replace your bootloader.

Use your Vista DVD with the repair option. That should recover it.

THEN use BCDedit to add XP and WinPE to your BCD.


Interestingly enough, on XP with WAIK, I get an error with BCDEdit. On a computer without, no error. Go figure.

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