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Driver Packs for Windows 95,98/98SE,ME

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i installed drivers pack "distro" is nice, but i have problem that dvd rw is in device manager 8 times.. i dunno how to remove it, when i remove it its redetected its Super Socket 7 MB with ALI Aladdin V chipset.


https://www.dropbox.com/s/7icbe408tgxvd29/2019-06-30 16.20.11-Win98-8TimeDVD-ROM.jpg?dl=0

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1) No, its not really needed. You just need to limit it with HimemX or similar. There are even few games which have problem to start with lots of mem.
2) No..
3) If you need something really complex about Dos gaming and modern HW and settings and multibranched configs i wrote this:
 https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=61044 there are download links, recommended HW etc.. 

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There is all info at the start the thread.. but yeah can replace it, but you need at least edit it based on used soundcard.. there are i thing 5,6 predefined options best PCI cards and some for old Creative Sound Blaster.  Its compatible with Windows 98, its made for MS Dos 7.1.. its working with Dos 6.22 with same limitations, in some older than 6 i thing menus were not possible without external tools.. You would need to edit MSDOS.SYS too, its just text file with lofty name. 

   Otherwise Phil from PHILSCOMPUTERLAB.COM has something more simple, but less capable.. and less modern computer friendly and without sound and all free utils collection and patches etc, but it could be good start:

 I tested my packs also with Virtual machines like -Vmware, Vbox, PcEm, they are working.. only with Qemu you have to do some fiddling, because of Qemu bugs, but Qemu Dos is not great because of other bugs, which i reported long time ago and nobody care.. Qemu Dos has only 1 good thing, which unofficial 3Dfx card, its able to play some Dos 3Dfx games with good speed, there which are using external glide2x.ovl drive.. if is 3Dfx functionality build in Exe its not working here only PCem is solution but its slower you need Beefier CPU and even that not except anything faster than PII 300 MHz, so not something make Q1Dos/Q2Dos with high res and other wild things..

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i have read PHILSCOMPUTERLAB.COM, but no lucky :(

i don't have EMS activated or somethiing and less memory.. but i have 512MB's of RAM :(

my problem is:
1 - get\actavite EMS;
2 - get more than 600KB's of memory(for use drivers and more);

3 - and maybe get the sound working, or all sounds go directly to speaker(unclued backgound music game).

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512 MB, is still ok, with more you need to patch io.sys to enable Windows 98 safe mode boot.

1) Which parameters are you using and which error you are getting, when EMS tried to activate? EMS need i thing 32 KB free continual block of memory and it could get tricky. EMS is able to max 32MB what is enough for all original Dos games.
2) It really depends on system and its Bios design.. mainly videocard rom is glutton.. network card rom and capture cards can eat conventional memory too.
     To check what is eating memory and how big and ROMs use Checkit program (Memory map option).. and Navratil System info - Video for Videomemory size.. and next is Mem /d .. and Mem with other parameter which im not know from top of my head.
      Good is have videocard which is easting only 32 KB, with more its more complicated. I have thread about romsize with some reports, even card manufactor sometimes make difference:
3) With such amount of information i cant help you, which mainboard you have and which sound card..

  Otherwise make some new thread for you problems.. I asked here for Dos section for years and i even offered big donate for it.. so you have to place is somewhere in offtopic section or so.

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1 - i try emm386 and himem on config.sys, but no success :(
i have acer aspire 1690:

- ATI Mobility Radeon X600 (Acer) Video Adapter 64MB's VRAM;
- Intel 82801FB(M) ICH6(-M) - AC'97 Audio Controller [B2]

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This not enough, there are important parameters and error messages.
  Notebook is always bigger problem, VRAM and video bios rom size, are two different things.
  AC97 with this sound card will native Dos sound never work, there is only very few programs like modern videoplayers and Q2Dos Quake2 port, where these soundcard are working.

   With this soundcard you have only 1 possibility and that is Dosbox (there is also Win98 port), there never were Dos drivers for AC97 cards. If you want notebook with Dos sound support, you would have to get something older with soundcards with dos drivers..

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