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Extracting from multi-volume archives and mounting image files.

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Ok, I lost my disc 1 from Need For Speed: Most Wanted and I can't load it to my Brand New PC (Awesome games PC).

And i need help as it came in 6 parts of .mdf and .mds file at a 800Mb size per part.

My friend said i needed to combine the files in WinRAR i have WinRAR Crystal but i have no clue how to "combine" these files. Is it as simple as moving the .mdf and .mds's to the same file and overwriting?

I really want a answer as i am one of those people who dont start the next game in line till i finish the first one and i really want to get Need For Speed: Carbon.

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i'd help, but i have no clue what you're trying to do.

it sounds like all you're trying to do is extract MDF/MDS from a spanned archive?

and to all the haters: it's perfectly legal to backup your game.

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he didnt back it up tho. he got it illegally. either thru his friend or thru downloading it..

if it was him who backed it up then he would know how to retrieve it.

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