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M2N-SLI Deluxe refuses to install sound drivers


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Ok i built a new system with a M2N-SLI Deluxe mb, build in sound, and when i installed the bundled driver package, theres no sound. so i go to the asus site, and find 2 sets of drivers, both try to install and then come up with an error saying : "The HDA Audio bus driver is required and not found."

Googled for a few hours and i find


but all the links in there are for random crap and have no effect. the one is for HP built comps, dunno where that came from.... but that post is about my exact same problem. Though my winlite cd doesnt have IE removed...

Any ideas?

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I would say you need to install kb888111, not downloadable from microsoft, have to call them and they will email it to you. Or it is part of the Driverpacks at driverpacks.net, probably also included in ryanvm update pack, and who knows were else you can find it. But it needs to be installed before the audio drivers so that the High Definition audio bus has its driver available for use by the sound chipset driver either soundmax or realtek I would guess.

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That file is in the sound drivers from asus, i even went and manually installed it... no change.

kb888111 just like a patch. You have to install this file seperately for some kind of motherboard. Otherwise, you cannot install your sound driver successfully.

KB888111 can be found from your original cd bundled with the motherboard. If you lose it, you may contact the motherboard vendor and ask them to send you back the file.

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I have the same MoBo and the Driver Disk I have , has a Revision Number:225.06

The MoBo also has a couple of Revision Numbers. Which should be printed on the Side of the box it came in, try identify these then email ASUS with the Revision Numbers of your MoBo & Driver Disk , you may have the wrong disk for your MoBo.

All else fails, update your Bios one stage at a time , each time trying to install your Audio Driver after the update.


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