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nLite doesn't follow order of Hotfix & Updates installation


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Dear Nuhi

Every time I start a topic here I have to thank you again for making nLite and keeping working so hard to keep it up to date!

So thank you so much again! And again :)

I have a small problem with the last two versions ( & 1.3.5):

Both of them do not follow the order of installation I set in the Hotfixes and Updates section.

For instance, I'm trying to integrate (for WinXP Pro) IE7, RyanVM's RVMUpdatePack2.1.9, RVMAddonsWMP10_3.0, RVMAddonsDX9_1.3 and RVM_MU_Addon_1.1. I'm trying to set them in the following order:

1. IE7

2. WMP10

3. DX9

4. Microsoft Update (RVM_MU_Addon_1.1)

5. Post SP2 Update Package (RVMUpdatePack2.1.9)

However, nLite integrates at the wrong order. It starts first with the Post SP2 Update Package, then goes to IE7, moves to WMP10 and so on. The order seems to be random.

Can this be a bug with nLite? I've used older versions of nLite and RyanVM's packages in the past and I didn't encounter such a problem.

I realize RyanVM is a third party in this case and that you cannot guarantee that his packages will work with your program, but I'm just wondering if there something you could do about this.

Thanks very much.

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I've just finished installing the nLited WinXP mentioned above and it seems that everything has been correctly integrated :)

So could it be that nLite automatically knows the correct order of integration?

Thanks again.

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Yes, nLite does know better than you do. You should never, EVER integrate IE7 before my pack. That's a recipe for disaster.

EDIT: Same for the MU addon.

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Thanks for your reply, and I will use this opportunity to thank you too for your wonderful work! :)

It is really amazing!

So then, why does nLite offer the option of setting the order manually if it knows how to do it by itself?

Also, my logic says that IE7 should be integrated first because your Post SP2 Update Pack contains IE7 updates... Where am I wrong?


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You're wrong because my pack contains IE6 updates which could in theory overwrite those updated IE7 files ;).

As for the ordering, nLite by default doesn't allow overwriting of newer files with older ones, which is probably why things went OK. Or I could be wrong about the reason. nuhi, feel free to correct me if I am :)

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But your pack contains IE7 updates as well... So, how does that work?

I would assume your pack detects which version of IE is installed and installs the appropriate updates. So IF that's true (which you say it isn't), then IE7 must be installed before your pack :)

So how does it really work? This is something I've been trying to figure out for a long time and I'd really like to understand how it works.

Thanks a lot! :rolleyes:

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I have a similar question/comment.

nLite says it processes top down, & to sort files oldest to newest.

Given the files I've selected to integrate, is the order (as shown, & as determined by nLite) correct?

Note the date layouts.

Either zero filled, or not - "4", April vs. "01", January.

Date ordering, YYYY-MO-DAY for the CAB file, vs. MO-DAY-YYYY for the 7z files.

Also note that DirectX Addon shows as a build date of April 2006, but seemingly is really April 2007 (since it is updated with April 2007 DX components).

I see, in entries_dx9.ini, it shows "builddate=4/11/2006".

Is that incorrect?

Is the builddate within the archives as it should be? Only that there were some later ancillary changes (updates) that happen to be dated after the build date?

(Similar situation exists for the WMP addon.)

And nLite is keying on that information.

So if instead it showed "builddate=04/11/2007", then the DirectX Addon would be sorted later in the integration process - after the WMP10 addon.

And that still leaves WGA, with its "backwards" date.

(Is WGA even being integrated when using nLite?)

So is nLite actually ordering things correctly?

Perhaps, based on the information provided to it.

But is that truly the correct ordering?


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