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Signed Driver Prob..


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Hi 'yall...

I have been adding bits and pieces to my unattended DVD since build 1, and have now reached the stage of adding my IrDA and Bluetooth drivers.. I have run in to a problem with the Bluetooth ones however and wondered if there is an answer...

It's an installshield app as is the IrDA installer and both 'setup.iss' files were created as the Unattended guide instructs.. but during the Bluetooth install, I get a Windows Driver Signing' screen up that needs an input.

I call the installs with this code...

ECHO Installing IrDA Drivers...
start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Apps\IrDA\Setup.exe -s -f1"%systemdrive%\install\Apps\IrDA\setup.iss"

ECHO Installing BlueTooth Drivers...
start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Apps\Bluetooth\Setup.exe -s -f1"%systemdrive%\install\Apps\Bluetooth\setup.iss"

This is called in the latter stages of my batch that runs from the GUIRUNONCE section, so it's after the second reboot and it's logged in under the Administrator account.. I have uploaded a jpeg of the window I get along with this post... (See Below)

Basically this screen says this driver is not signed and as an administrator do I want to set it so that all unsigned drivers are installed by default...

My winnt.sif contains..


and I thought that would have done it.. but it asks me all the same...

Any ideas guy's ?? Should I perhaps run this installshield from CMDLINES.txt instead ? or some other time during the install ??




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Well first, driving signing is setupapi.log, so you could look at that to see what inf or whatever is giving the headache.

Is this win2k or xp? For win2k you can modify the driver signing key directly in the registry, in xp the key is booby trapped so you cannot directly modify it. Either way the unattend file is right.

Is there a public download for these blue tooth drivers? Are these the microsoft bluetooth drivers? Some oem's preinstalled the bluetooth drivers on xp home systems, you might want to look through google to see how they did this.

Are you using latest version of the software?

Maybe an app installed before this app is changing digital signing.


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