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Believe it or not I use Skype portable to chat to friend and it works great but dont use headset as you get alot of feedback/echo best to get a webcam with a buitin mic . Picture is only as good as the line of the person on either side .


Havent been able to get a working skype addon for nlite yet as the ones from this forum didnt work for me. I just made an sfx with winrar addon to send my portable skype to desktop so I didnt get the readonly problem. Can upload my skype portable addon for you if wanted is version as I dont like to mess with versions If one works for me.

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I've been using Skype for over a year i believe and i have to say, it's a very good program. On land-line and non-land-line connections(using SkypeOut), the quality is better than the quality that i get from my regular Phone.

When i talk to another Skype user through Skype, the sound quality is crystal clear. My mom talked to her friend in Bulgaria(we're currently living in California) yesterday and the sound was really incredible.

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