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removing windows firewall


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sorry for reviving this but i think it actually fits here. What things do we break with the removal of Windows firewall. I saw a lot of things are written in Vlite that it is needed for, but I use bitdefender internet security and it shuts down the Win. firewall and Win. Defender anyway so i see no need for it. BUT Removing and disabling are not the same things. The same questions goes for Win. defender. What will get roken that a pro security tool like Bitdefender won't cover or will it removn cause any other nasty side effects

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That would depend on your operating system. Removing Windows Firewall on 64bit xp can/most likely will break your lan browsing capabilities, on 32bit it wont.

Hopefully nlite can work around that someday, but that situation has been the same for some years now.

I can say this tho, i run without any security now, and system runs perfectly through any security scans online. Because of the way it is configured.

Alas, Windows Firewall as we know it from XP is outdated.

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