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Help Choosing a new Graphics card please


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Ah ok, it's probably TurboCache or something then.

Is there much difference between the GT and GS/LE models?

Sorry to be a pain but I don't know a lot about Gfx cards.

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My motherboard runs at PCI-e 4x.

I have just won a card on eBay, I don't know how much you care, but the card I won is:

7300GS 256Mb PCI-e

I won'd it for £23.49/€43.16/$46.68

So I think thats pretty good, it's the card you guys suggested, at less than half what I wanted to pay.

My next upgrade will be 2x 1Gb DDR2 533Mhz as soon as the prices start dropping :)

Thanks for all your help, I'll post when it has arrived and is installed and running.

Thanks again!!

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