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I Want To Create A Link...

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Hi all....i have made my owne XP CD...:) and i have integredet some programms and now i want that he creates a shortcut and than he put it into the startmenu...i have make it so with the powertoy...but he didnt make it....

COPY "%systemdrive%\Install\Memory\Memory.exe" "%systemdrive%\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users\Startmen?\Programme\"

whats wrong?? i have made a shortcut manual....but he didnt copy that...only HE COULDNT FIND THE CHORTCUT /programm....

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I think to know what you mean...

Method 1

On your system:

Place the program in the folder where it would be after the installation.

Create a shortcut somewhere , copy this shortcut to $OEM$\$1.

In the script use:

move %systemdrive%\mylink.lnk %allusersprofile%\Startm~1\Progra~1

Method 2

use http://www.optimumx.com/download/#Shortcut

shortcut -t "%programfiles\myprog\englishLessonOne.exe" -n
EnglishLessonOne.lnk -d %AllUsersProfile%\Startm~1\Progra~1

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grml...it doesn't work....he did not move it to my startmenu....

move %systemdrive%\MemOptimizer.Ink %systemdrive%\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users\Startmen?\Programme\

sooo ia have make it....it doenst goes...

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