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Theme: I volunteer to add picture


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I volunteer to edit the XPize theme to have a user picture in it.

Like this;


Just the picture though, and the picture will stick out from the start menu like in the pic. And yes for XP of course.

The picture will be the pic you choose in user accounts.

I emailed Xpize and they sent me here,

Happy to help!

Please tell me here and PM me if your interested,


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We seem to be moving XPize from what it was intended to do...

That's exactly what I think!

XPize becomes more and more another Vista transformation thing...

I already didn't like the Luna Royale theme in XPize. Don't get me wrong it's a really nice theme but it looks too Vista-ish for Windows XP.

XPize should stick to Windows XP resources to keep the original XP look and feel!

If you want it to look like Windows Vista you can use one of those Vista transformation packs...

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