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similar to stuffit on WinPE


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StuffIt V3.10ß © Terje Mathisen 1989-91

Syntax: Stuffit <commands>

+|=[[hh:]mm:]ss | Delay for(+) or until(=) a specified time.

+45 will wait for 45 seconds.

=14:: will wait until 2pm.

+0 will wait until the kbd buffer is empty.

<character code> | Stuff a given character code.

stuffit +2 13

would feed "ENTER" to stdin after 2 secs.

Anything similar to stuffit on WinPE?

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What functionality are you trying to reproduce?

Your post is fairly cryptic ... so, here is a go at the answer:

For Compression, you could use .CAB Files (There is a support tools utility that will help with creating these called CABARC.EXE, and I think EXPAND.EXE is included in PE)

For Sending Keystrokes, you could write a WSH Send Keys .VBS

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