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MSFN forum crashing my IE6 on reply


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It is 100% repeatable issue there. Reinstalling, fresh windows and such was all tested before, no change. It looks like this:


Since the thread was locked by Tarun with the suggestion to post it there, I doing it so.

Unanswered reply from there:

gamehead200 -

Have you tried updating your computer at all? I have the exact same version of IE as you do and MSFN does not crash the browser or my machine when I visit it in IE.

No, I never update anything. Updating always bring me problems. This is the only site that does crashing in my IE6 that I would like to visit in IE. Do you really have the exact version of IE - 6.0.2600.0000 and did it really allow you to reply there?!

I dubt that.

Yes, from FireFox or Opera or Safari (yea, MacOS X) I can reply there w/o a glitch. Or using IE 6 but a little bit higher version. Version 6.0.2800.1106 suffice to not crash. If I can update to this just by copy a exe IE file and few DLL's, I would do it...

But on other hand, there is a example of forum on SAME engine and quess what - it never crash for me in IE - ever:


Tarun -

It's limited to your computer/household, not anything here on MSFN. There is no error with the forums, and from everything said I again reiterate that it sounds to be your system. Perhaps the lack of updates or some modifications gone bad. "Win2k SP2 (modified)" says enough to me that the fact you are on Windows 2000 SP2 and it is modified is more than likely where the problem is located.

* Viable solutions:Update to Windows 2000 SP4.

* Get every update, both High Priority and Optional. If you are unable to update through Windows Update, use AutoPatcher 2000.

* Avoid using modifications in the future if you are not 100% sure of what they do and what they will change.

* Avoid changing/disabling any services. This makes it much harder for technicians to help you diagnose what the issue is and how to properly resolve it.

Well, it is not limited to my computer - we already determined that on every Win2k machine (regardless of SP) with the same IE it does crash. So it is not limited to me or my machine in any way, shape or form.

If there is no error in the forums, then why other forums never crashed me ever - and even the ones based on the same BB engine?!

And for long time and as you can read in my last but one post in the old thread ( http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=91854 ), I run Win2k SP4 and not modified now. Also, as I tried, it does not matter. Even fresh not optimized Win2k SP4 with installed IE6 will crash on this forum.

I quess the majority of users just forget this address and not come back and I can't blame them. So, here I'm, reporting problem.

- Viable solutions according to you is to upgrade on SP4 - last thing I wanted, but I had to for the USB stuff. Neverless no difference.

- Getting updates is out of the question.

- I tried w/o any modified DLL files I usualy using and TweakUI changes and stuff, but no difference.

- Services is optimized (eg. only few is running, lol), but as you can see, all is working for me in IE properly. Even forums using the very same BB engine, as I show the link above. Yes, I posting there using IE. So I quess we should agree on that the services is not the problem.

A possible problem might be my hosts file, where I very agresively blocking ad servers. However this is a windows thing and it does not explain why the FireFox and Opera on the same machine with the same hosts files blocks does work flawlessly.

My hosts file are there to try - but I willing to bet that it does not make IE crashing on reply on this forum for anyone (8k):


...because it was not in place in the fresh windows test and the crash still come.

All in all I'm convinced that either this BB engine is old and buggy (compared to the one used for example on eMule forum) or modified in some way that crate this problem. Could be also that the IE6 version 6.0.2600.0000 is buggy and should be updated. This, however, does not explain why other sites and forums (even run on presumably same BB engine) does not and never ever crashed for me, but MSFN forum does.

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I'm not sure it's 100% explainable. IE on Windows 2000 is different than IE6 on XP, and so on and so forth. If you want to go deep on this, I'll need to get some adplus dumps of IE when it has the issue, and hopefully we can help. The data we have so far on the issue seems to point nowhere specific.

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I am sorry to inform you, but i will close this topic too. You are the only one who has this problem, you do not listen to what the other mods say and you dont want to update. If you dont update or at least give cluberti a dump of your system we are NOT able to help you.

We run the latest version of IPB and, once again, you are the ONLY one with this problem. So make up your mind about this.

I dont want to be rude or anything, but we can only help if the "customer" cooperates, and you're not.

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