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Do not load unneeded DLL's upon system load


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I find nLite a fantastic program, and most of the issues found in the forum come from people who actually acted up with the setup and went beyond boundaries ;-)

I have tweaked my full xp installation to the extreme, and the minimum RAM load I got after a fresh-tweaked install is 66 MB. (Tweaked: No System Restore, No needed services, No Updates, No animation, No themes). Here, a normal XP fresh installation will have a minimum RAM load of 99 MB.

TinyXP on the other hand has got something like 42 MB of RAM load upon fresh install.

Since I have tweaked my full XP to the max and cannot bring the memory load down to 42 MB, then I question:

Would it be that un-needed DLL's and drivers are loading upon start up that will prevent me to reach the record 42 MB RAM load just like TinyXP?

Is there a way to audit the DLL's and selecting which DLL's to NOT load upon start up, doing this by not REMOVING ANYTHING from the system?

Two aspects here:

Removing components will benefit people with low disk space.

Preventing selected DLL's to load will benefit us that don't want to strip down the system, but want a small XP load.

Thanks for the replies.

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I beg your pardon... this is not about me being poor or anything.

Did you read my question? The main core of the question is: Possible to achieve TinyXP RAM load without removing components? This is the core question.

And I hope I really get some serious answers

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The fact of that matter is TinyXP probably has more removed or more files hacked to get such a low memory usage at the expense of functionality. At some point, you're not going to have anything left of an OS even if you manage to get the RAM usage to a minimum.

I didn't mean to offend you, the main point is that you're better off with good hardware than slimming your OS down and lossing functionality.

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Sorry, it's hard to get another motherboard, processor chip and RAM, besides, at least 12 hours of Prime95 testing is required to check for defects or compatibility problems whenever you upgrade a PC. Probably is going to cost at least around $200.

On a different topic, I wish that I can get myself a Core 2 Duo and a super motherboard to go with it, but I'm afraid that it's gonna cost at least around $400, even when I use my existing HDDs! Because I require a brand new video card, too!

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the idea goes like this: at some point in the future, we will probably be able to strip the NT 5.x / 6.0 kernel clean and operate it in Recovery Console, even without the GUI or any drivers (meaning ~15 Mb of memory being used). I would like to point out that, unless you are building yourself some kind of high-tech network driven headless server thingy, this is completely without purpose for any normal windows user.

For example, the Microsoft Singularity OS project is exactly at this point of development. It works. But you can't do anything on it.

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