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[Release] XPize Darkside 1.0


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It looks awsome however can someone tell me how to get this to work. I have XPize installed but dont know how to get the darkside to work.

Not sure how you could be having difficulties? It's a simple executable installer... that looks and works exactly the same way the XPize installer does!


No not the boot screen... need you to test it without the LOGIN screen :) ta!

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i look forward to XPize Darkside being good for integration already ... if this would be independent of XPize would it mean that i would overwrite all system files are are being replaced by XPize too? would this mean larger file size?

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Just out of interest can you try uninstaller xpize darkside... does the issue still occur?

Also, if it doesn't could you try reinstalling but de-select the logon screen.


Missed your corrected instructions for me to follow. Here's what happened.

I performed the re-install of darkside without the BOOT screen option and all is well.

I have not found any boot screens that look acceptable (to me) at that low res and color depth that MS uses for boot screen, so I'm happy to keep the default MS screen.

What issues do you expect from the logon screen? I installed xpize / darkside to a second system (without BOOT screen) and it seems error free as well.

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hi zedox! i just wanted to report that XPize Darkside doesn't seem to be compatible with Rick's [Release] Vista RTM Sidebar XP/2k3 AddOn, Updated! Sidebar AddOn v2.4 [Apr-8-2007] ... with XPize slipstreamed, it works ... then when its Darkside's turn, installing it doesn't make the sidebar work anymore ... i'll do more combos of tests and i'll report back ... just heads up in case there might be files affecting some other addons employing the files that are being modified ...

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