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IE7 to IE6 downgrade problem


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Dear Forum,

I am using XP with the media center edition at home, all of my important work software doesnt run with Vista or IE7 installed on the computer but runs great with IE6 and XP.

I installed Firefox and deleted (uninstalled IE7) from my system. Rebooted and then went to microsoft DL and DL IE6 to my computer. When I executed the file I got a pop up that said the install was canceled because a newer version of IE was found on my system. I have checked and rechecked and cant find IE7 anywhere....heck I uninstalled it.

I need to install IE6 because many of the government websites I use for work will not open correctly in Firefox.

Any help would be great.

Thank you.


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i had that same problem, my computer was due for a reformat anyways so i just reformatted haha, i wont install IE7 again, gave me nothing but problems, its kept freezing up on me, i dont have that problem with IE6

i realy dont see the point in microsoft makeing all there new software graphical, they could at least have an option for it to use the old skin on it, for the people with slower computers.

oh and i removed it through cpanel, rebooted, than it said i needed to reboot again to finish the uninstall when i clicked the IE6, so i rebooted yet again, and it said the same thing when i clicked the IE6 setup, it annoyed me that much that i just reformated. im lucky i didnt have anything important on it lol

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