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1st April : The day - I can't forget


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:hello: Hi friends,

Everyone know this day and enjoy by making someone Fool.

I want to share my personal moments that are really important for me.

I m talking about 1 year ago. that is 1st April 2006, Vista was in BETA phase in that time and I was looking for download to grow with new exprince of Microsoft Windows.

I had logged first time in MSFN by googling keyword "Vista Download" and google was guided to MSFN front page.

I was really happy to see. "Windows Vista available for download" I clicked and jump for next and trying to find download link but what happened.................

Remember its 1st April

It was making me laughter and that time I had decided to join MSFN.

Today I have completed 1 year with MSFN family. I laughs when I remember that moments. Really that day my technical overview had been changed. I have learnt more and more in last year with MSFN and trying my best to learn and share new things in future.

:thumbup I love MSFN. :thumbup


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