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Question about adding registry settings to unattended CD

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Was going to add some registry settings from my current XPsp2 installation to my unattended XPsp2 CD. I noticed some of the exported .reg files contained paths to C:\ drive.

Question is, would there be a drive letter conflict if the drive I'm installing to is not C:\?

Should I change any paths in the .reg files to "%systemdrive% before adding to the CD or would that really mess things up?

Most of what i want to add like the hkcu explorer advanced key doesn't contain a path but some program registry settings do.

I'm sure this question gets asked a lot so if its already been explained somewhere just posting a link would be fine.


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Neither, you would need to use a script to apply or create the registry settings using the appropriate variables. Unfortunately this is one of the cons of using reg files.

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