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OOBE vs. Prompt Repair option


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I really like the Prompt Repair option in unattended installation, but ever since I started using this I am getting a License Agreement just before the T -37minute. I figure one has to do with the other. Am I wrong? :unsure: It would be nice not to have to check that box and hit Enter, but I can live with it if necessary.

Anyway, I always check "Skip OOBE" but at the end of the installation I get the OOBE, except on my old Pentium 3 machine that went straight to the Administrator account. :blink: This is the same installation disc, just different hardware.

I kind of like the "Who will be using this computer?" prompt :whistle:

I would appreciate hearing about similar experiences and what if anything can be done to "fix" it.


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I'm getting the same problem here.... The license agreement pops up after XP switches from the text install to the graphics install and I also am getting the OOBE when 'Skip OOBE' is checked.

This is only on my "Prompt Repair" install. I have another install thats the normal "Hide Pages" and it

skips the OOBE fine and doesn't ask for a license agreement.

BTW, this is with XPpro.SP2.VLK

Any ideas?


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That's normal for the Prompt Repair, that's the limitation. Otherwise Windows skips the Repair prompt as well.

Thanks much for writing back.

I just wanted to make sure we are talking about the same thing, I fully expect the EULA during the text portion of the setup, where I hit F8 to agree, but the EULA I am getting is a 2nd one well into the install. Its during the GUI install (at installing windows prompt, about T-37mins) I have to click on 'I Agree' then Next.

The dialog box that comes up looks like a classic-gui-install dialog box.

Also, I want to note that I tried making my repair disc with both styles of GUIs and neither seamed to affect the problem.

Is that 2nd EULA during the GUI install normal for the Prompt Repair mode?

Thanks again,


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That is kinda weird, to tell you the truth I don't remember that part since after I saw that it prompts for much more things I just quit after the Repair prompt worked. Going to see is it normal before next update.

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i was having the same problems.. i get everything else unattended, but i have to accept the EULA in the gui if i do prompt repair.

i was playing around with the .inf files and everything, and just couldnt come up with a solution, so i was forced to make two separate disks...

it would be very handy to be able to have a prompt repair, but after you start into gui mode, its smooth sailing from there.

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Just wanted to attach an images of the 2nd EULA that comes up in a prompt-repair install so you could see exactly what I mean....

This is the only prompt I get during the repair install (after selecting the partition and such of course). So a

totally hands-off repair install is very close, and would be very nice to have as I seam to find myself having to

do repair installs more than I would like : )

A normal Hide-Pages install is totaly hands off, including this dialog, so I think it should be possible.

Thanks again for any help,



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