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Backup and Restore to hidden partition with Ghost


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This project has now been abandoned because i been working on something far better for recovery.

Drive Snap including Automatic System Recovery that uses Drive Snapshot.

It not a problem to create a recovery disk generally although for some it is. Even if you have a recovery it is not automated. Drive Snap does make it automated and takes it further by being able to restore the image from anywhere. You do nothing. That's a big convenience comfort in itself. Drive Snap does it for you! Whether you a beginner struggling its a boon, or whether your an advanced user or a lazy type it's a boon. It also takes human error away at the restore as it been set before. It all makes the restore a whole lot sweeter because you just put the CD in, sit back or go off and do something else. Even setting the image to restore, a time before is a easy process. If you need to restore a different system image anytime Drive Snap make it easy and can keep track good. Drive Snap gives you the freedom.

Trial Here. The help file should explain alot.

Drive Snap Trial v1.0 Rar

Drive Snap Trail v1.0 Installer

Movie demo here

Drive Snap Thread

Creates a hands free recovery solution that immediately finds and automatically restores back the system image stored on any drive internal or external without user intervention. This makes it a whole lot easier to restore.

Additionally a quick hidden menu can halt and overide the automatic restore at the last second, so further options can be accessed, such as quickly selecting another image to be restored, changing the type of restore, repairing the MBR and more.

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For the ghost menu is there a way to change it to just use these features

Restore Windows 1st Install

Backup Windows 1st Install

Restore Windows 1st Install + Software + Drivers

Backup Windows 1st Install + Software + Drivers

As I understand it if use the Backup Windows 1st Install it creates one ghost image named FIRST_INSTALL.GHO

If I use the Backup Windows 1st Install+Software+Drivers it create another ghost image named SOFTWARE_DRIVERS.GHO

So I use the Restore Backup Windows 1st Install+Software+Drivers it should restore the 2nd ghost image

I tried this and it still keeps on trying to restore the image named FIRST_INSTALL.GHO instead of SOFTWARE DRIVERS.GHO

Can someone tell me what am I doing wrong?

Hi all you need to do is edit and and change the name text. It that easy.


If you willing to switch to another very reliable imaging software which is also the fastest then just get Drive Snapshot and Drive Snap. The ASR will make your life a whole lot easier.

The Ghost project here is a custom one and i have moved on from that.

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is there a way to redirect the Documents and Settings folder in Windows XP that contains the user profile to the another partition not the hidden ghost partition this way way I ask the user to restore there laptop they won't loose their user profile.

This is a good way, use this in the WINNT.SIF

ProfilesDir="D:\Documents and Settings\"

all the accounts and there personal data get saved to another partition. you have to ensure D in the example or whatever partition you use is created beforehand in XP blue installation.

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