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Missing Autorun & Setup Files on Final


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I am having a problem that I am sure is something I am doing wrong. I have used previous versions of nLite to successfully slipstream my OS but did all of the adjustments in one nLite session. This time I am using v 1.3 and use four sessions: Session 1 - integrate SP2 + several hot fixes, Session 2 - integrate many hot fixes, Session 3 - integrate WMP 11 via WMP 11 Slipstream and Session 4 - integrate IE7 + 2 IE7 Hotfixes + component removal and tweaks. It seems like on the last run the Autorun.inf and Setup.exe files dissappear from my source directory.

Previously when I used nLite to integrate SP2 and all of my hotfixes in the same session I had no problem. This time I decided to split the job over multiple sessions being carefully not to remove any components until my final run. I monitored the source file on all runs except the final one and saw the autorun.inf and setup.exe files. I assumed everything was OK and failed to check after the last run, prior to executing a direct burn of the slipstreamed OS.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? And, am I correct in assuming that I can change my approach and use one session to do this work, going back to integrate components until the last pass?

I attached the log of the last session. Since the OS I am integrating is an upgrade, I decided to use an attended installation.




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Take a look to this part of your Last Session.ini:

;# Operating System Options #

Blaster/Nachi removal tool

Manual Install and Upgrade


You have removed "Manual Install and Upgrade" and this is the cause of your problem. In nLite check the description of this component and you will see that it removes the files that you need. Byezzzzzzzz :hello:

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