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Printer Sharing on a Home Network


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hi guys im having trouble at friends house, im trying to have a printer installed to their pc and have a laptop connected to it and use the printer also,

im using a linsky wireless router to give the laptop internet access, so that part is fine

the problem is im not able to find the printer on the network, am i doing some thing ? im not sure,

1 the pc with the printer is turned on when trying this with the laptop

2 on the pc i went into printers and other hardware and shared the printer as well as named it,

but for some odd reason, i still cant find it on the network, any body have any ideals i could try

btw this is xp ,, on the pc its xp home and the laptop its xp media center both are new ,

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You first have to have the computers networked, run the windows network setup wizard. Then to test the network, go to run and type //then the name of the computer you are trying to connect to. The name can be found in system properties under the computer name tab. Then once the network is working and you are able to see the network shares on the other computer, you are ready to run the add new printer wizard and have it search for a network printer. Alternatively I think you can right click the printer when you are viewing it from the network share and have it connect and add it to the other computers printers list.

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