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BSOD Booting Vista Media for install


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As stated, I get a BSOD - Machine Check exception when trying to boot from sata dvd and perform clean install of vista. The system completes the white text mode "loading files" and proceeds to the green progress bar graphic, where it will crash. I also have the same response when trying to boot from a new backup programs restore cd. Both crash at the same point. I can boot winxp, bart pe cd roms without error.

The only thing I see in common is that both of the disks causing the BSOD are using Win PE 2.0, but I don't know why it should crash.

System components are:

ABIT AB9 Pro w/ C2D E6600 & 2GB Corsair XMS. Powercolor graphics card and Themaltake 500W p/s.

Only ICH8 enabled and in use for all sata drives. Raid mode, but no real raid configured, just bunch of disks.

CH1 - 80GB WD

CH2 - 300GB Maxtor

CH3 - 250GB WD

CH4 - Samsung SATA DVD

I was also unable to boot these Win PE 2.0 media using the jmicron and sony IDE dvd (also crash at same point - but would restart the system). I have used the media sucessfully in other systems.

I have seen plenty of sata dvd issues posted, but after getting vista installed. I think this is a new one!

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The vista / win PE 2.0 cd / dvd boot process do not allow the "F6" to specify additional drivers.

I could understand that the vista / win PE 2.0 disks might not recognize intel ICH8 sata because it is new, but the sata dvd is located to start the install process.

I know xp completes a setup because of the "F6" for drivers. Is there something else to trigger this for vista / win PE 2.0?

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