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help with 7zip SFX parameters


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sorry, i know this is probably a stupid question. i am trying to create a self-extracting file that contains a couple programs that dont need installation that i want to include in my modified XP install. what parameters do i need to put for it to extract to "C:\Program Files\Utilities"?

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ok, here is what i have...Archive format is on 7z, Create SFX archive is checked, and Create Solid archive is checked, and everything else is on its default setting. i read in the FAQ on the 7-zip site that the output directory parameter is /D=dir. so do i put /D=%programfiles%\Utilities? i have tried several different combinations with and without "dir", and with and without quotes and i still am not getting it. could you show me what the entire Parameters: field should read?

once again, i apologize, i know this is gonna be something simple that i am missing.

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This can be tricky as the /D option you've been using is actually for a silent install of 7-zip itself not 7-zip created SFX's. Here's what I'd use for your situation:

Your_7-zip-SFX.exe -y -ao -o%programfiles%\Utilities

-y -> 'Yes' to any dialog boxes that may appear

-ao -> Overwrite all files

-o -> Directory you want the archive to extract to

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