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No Harddisk


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Really weird one this. Everytime I make a new install disk with nLite and try and install it, the installation stops because it cannot detect any harddisks in my machine. I must have disabled something, but I can't for the life of me think what it is. Anybody?




Acer Aspire 5630 1.66Ghz Core 2 Duo, 2Gbs RAM, 100GB HD, WinXP SP2 (Slipstreamed)

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I am having the same issue. I am running a Dell Precision 390 with Intel Matrix Storage controler adn SATA drives. I can use a standard non nlited CD with the same floppy to load teh sata drivers and it works great, but when I put in an nlite CD it loads and lets me set up the hard drive partition but then when attempting to load files to teh drive it says it can't load IAStore.sys

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billmn, You didn't integrate any textmode drivers, do you know what is that?

Mine looks like this in the preset under [drivers]:



So download the Intel Matrix Storage (iata621_enu.exe) run it, go in your temp folder files and find it extracted (it will have Driver and Driver64 folders in it).

Integrate Driver folder for 32bit, you'll get a popup, select all and press ok.

thenapking, I don't see any textmode drivers integrated in your preset either.

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Cheers for that nuhi. i'm having a bit of a problem locating the correct textmode drivers for my HD - am going to dl sisoft sandra to get some more info about my laptop.

What's weird though, is i made a working version of XP SP1 with nLite a couple of months ago with no problems, and i never had to integrate textmode drivers. I'm trying to slipstream SP2 into this one. could that be messing things up?


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Yes I know what Text mode drivers are, I have been building corperate images for 5+ years.

I have tried both ways 1. intergrating the text mode drivers and 2. not intergrating the text mode drivers, and both ways when launching the OS install from an Nlited disk, it finds the HDD so I can partition etc but when it attempts to load any files to the drive it fails with the error of can not load IAStor.sys I then take the exact same drivers (on floppy) and put in a vanilla XP cd and hit F6 (drivers are not intergrated into the vanilla CD) and it works 100% perfectly. I have used both methods in the past with NLited disks with no issues.


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Unlike Bill, i'm not entirely clear what textmode drivers are, i am but a humble home user. I asked Acer about them and they couldn't give me any info either. they said that all the drivers needed for my hd were standard XP drivers, so i should be able to find them on the XP disk. what puzzles me is why i didn't have this issue the first time i made an nLite CD, but it has happened everytime since.



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@billmn, do you by any chance run that installation with Winnt(32) manually or networked, not booting from the CD ?

If that is the case then it's fixed in the next version.

@thenapking, in that case make sure you don't remove any SCSI and IDE drivers/hw support in the Components page.

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