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Help: Slow network browsing on LAN after installing IE7


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I search all over the web and this forum but still haven't find a solution to this problem. After I upgraded from IE6 to IE7 on Windows XP SP2, when I browse a shared drive on the network (LAN) the first time, it pause or hangs for at least 20 seconds before Windows Explorer responses. After that I can browse the shared drive with no delay. I can reproduce this on all three home computers that I have. If I uninstalled IE7 and revert back to IE6, I don't experience this anymore.

I even tried doing a new install of Windows XP SP2. It didn't help.

Anyone experience this when you upgrade to IE7? How to resolve this?


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It could be the problem with the phishing filter in IE7. Try to install IE7 and disable the phishing filter.

I reinstall without the phishing filter as you suggested but still experiencing the same problem. I thought the phishing filter apply when you do web browsing.

This is very frustrating. It seem I'm the only one who experience this.


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