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[NOT RESOLVED YET] Unattended WXP Pro SP2 Update Liscencing Key


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I tried the same thing but when it starts, it asks for a CD of Windows.. its an update..

does anybody knows how to copy those files to the cd so it wont ask for a CD?

thank you :hello:

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You've answered your own question, my friend.

Its the fact your using an Upgrade disk thats causing all your problems.

I don't know which files you'll need to edit or swap to stop it asking for proof of an older version of Windows. Most people just use another type of disk.

If your trying to use the CD Key that came with that Upgrade disk, you'll need to use a Full Retail disk as your source.

Hope this helps.

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On my win9x cd, i have a copy of DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11 for the end of upgrades and also to install various things (eg bitmaps, some apps).

You could stick a copy of win95/98 install files in \WIN98 or \WIN95, and then click on that directory for the upgrade.

Another way is to install it from a PE built from the same version of Windows, or a later one. This works too.


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