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well, it seems that internet explorer is the problem yet again. as it was the first time, but this time around i have the new ie 7.0 and sp2.

i've tried everything in this thread. deletion, running programs, everything, and the problem still occurs with IE.

right now i'm on firefox 2 and i havent had any problems, but i still prefer IE!! go figure.

anyways, any other solution to my problem? since it still exists, im just avoiding it now by using another browser.

also, how do i get myspace pages to look normal like they do in IE? (in firefox all of the pages get stretched out and they're a complete mess... i'm aware most are a MESS to begin with.. but its giving me a whole different view most of the time)

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now this current firefox is just a lagging piece of junk!

no pop ups for the time being, but a total lag!!

a had a nice couple years of problems free. then october/november came, then i seemed to have cleared up that mess.. now it's february and i feel like i'm in mess city again!

i never had any problems on a compaq presario back in 1995, lol.

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Use CCleaner to clean the caches/junk files on your system.

Use PerfectDisk or Diskeeper to defragment it.

Use the registry tools in jv16 PowerTools 2006 (soon to be 2007) to maintain order in your registry and defragment it once a month or so. Contrary to popular belief, I have experienced a slight performance increase after doing this.

Use Ad-Aware SE (to be 2007 RC1 in March or May), Spybot, Windows Defender, and CWShredder to cleanse your system of spyware.

Use either Avast (freeware), Kaspersky or NOD32 (both payware) for anti-virus.

For software firewall, use Comodo Pro (freeware, which is the best one out there; passes all leak-tests).

With FileMon you'll want to exclude many processes and narrow it down to IEXPLORE.EXE and organize the listings by type so you can get a clear list of files being accessed. After careful analysis you will be able to track down what's causing the pop-ups if the above suggestions don't clean your system and optimize it, which is extremely doubtful as that is the best software to use.

I'm sure this will help you.

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First backup all your data via:


Then backup your entire OS to another hard disk. Buy one if you must. Then format your current hard disk.

The reinstall Windows. Hook up the new hard disk, where all your data is stored, and run the transfer files and settings wizard and get "all "your files and settings back... See if problem goes away... ;)

If not just reformat again and then grab the data off the old disk one by one..

Take Care,


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i'm still having issues. a little less since im on firefox lately, but still issues arise.

also, avast seems to catch trojans and other stuff a couple times a day.. and its always recommended that i 'move to chest'.

what does that actually do? why is the recommended option not "delete"?

i even did microtrends housecall again the other day, took a while, but it found a bunch of stuff..

maybe i'm missing one KEY thing that keeps putting itself back on my pc.. everytime i run all these scans they always find something, but not everything apparently.. unless something keeps re-installing itself.. if that makes sense.

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