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Any program for SWF to FLV?


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I recently got a SWF video and would like to convert it into FLV so I can upload them to Youtube/Google,

but I can't find any program that can do this.

Can someone suggest one?

Thank you.

PS. I have been trying to SWF - AVI/MPG, used many softwares and they are either doesn't work for me or have sponsor on the converted video, that's why I want to convert it to FLV, simple and fast.

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if its a video you created then you can tell flash to export it to avi i believe. Otherwise if its a video you found on a website I would just leave it, 1) because you technically do not have the right to redistribute it, and 2) SWF is still drawn with vectors so its perfect quality unlike flv.

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I never uploaded anything to Youtube however FLV is a compressed file type like avi or even wmv.

SWF or any Flash file is able to have FLV ( whatever video flash supports ) content contained in it.

So basically you are just recording the Flash/SWF/Power Point presentation and then encoding it into a video file type.

Any SWF file is the Flash program running with whatever content the user ingest into the file.

Think of it as Power Point for idiots or Hypo Power Point.

This is why the flash type is popular and most likely eliminated the Power Point standard.

A great example of a Power Point/Flash Presentation is the intros/Time Events/Outros in most

2d Videogames and programs.

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