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$OEM$ Folder


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I don't understand much of this...

S3pHiroTh said:

It doesn't work as $OEM$ directory do, it works only with ProgramFiles and

Windows directory. If you want to create a directory as "Custom" in SystemDrive,

you cannot do it with HFEXPERT directory!

But if you want a custom folder on the systemdrive, why doesn't putting it here work...


Since what I said (xcopy the $OEM$) is already covered (Super-Magician said "This

already exists. The entire SOURCE folder is ALWAYS copied to SOURCESS.") then it

will copy it, no?

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you are right, we are saying the same, I was just being redundant :whistle:

So use one of these, not HFSLIP folders:

$OEM$\C -- Copy subfolders to C drive

$OEM\1 -- Copy subfolders to %SYSTEMDRIVE% which often is C

which the original poster seems to already know about :whistle:

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